All of my most up to date prints can be fount on here on INPRNT - I usually try to add any new ones that people are interested in, so If you have one in mind you'd like to see added to the shop, let me know!
If you're looking to own the coolest hoodie ever, you can pick up on of my Hyperbeast hoodies from the Valve Store here. They've got all sizes and are super comfy, so go pick one up!
My limited edition Hyperbeast H440 computer case can be snagged from NZXT here. They're only doing 1337 units, so grab one while they last!
I designed a few specialty mugs with the help of Gamers Apparel. You can find all 4 of the designs on their site HERE.
In collaboration with Elemental Knives, I've been designing a bunch of unique designs for their collection. They've just recently released my randomized design collection that insures every knife is unique. You can find all my designs HERE.